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About Me

My name is Samantha Farthing DipC Adv FHP MPS Practitioner. I am the face of Foot Care for You. I offer a highly trained gold standard in Foot Health Care.

I trained at the prestigious college of Foot Health Practitioners who specialise in the Accredited teaching of foot health in the Private Sector Practice skills. Graduating from here I then further developed my expertise and successfully gained my advanced practitioner status.

I am a member of the Alliance of Foot Health Practitioners that holds an official register approved as meeting the standards set by the Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care and the General Medical Council.

My voluntary membership ensures I comply by meeting these standards and commit to developing and keeping my practice methods up to date by completing continuous professional development each year.

Membership of the register allows me to display the Logo Quality Mark recognised by the Public and Commissioners.

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Our Services

Initial Appointment

Samantha will listen to your foot health concerns then take a medical history detailing certain medical conditions that affect your foot health.

The circulation in your feet will be detected using a Doppler Ultrasound Scan machine. This allows me to assess your foot health from the inside.

Alongside this neuropathy testing can be carried out especially important for diabetic patients.

Diabetic foot health checks can be completed and forwarded to your GP. After the various non evasive tests are carried out we can then devise a bespoke plan dependent on the findings. This plan will include nail trimming, shaping, hard skin and callus and corn removal and a discussion on any other conditions that may be present including an assessment and advice regarding the footwear generally worn.

Each initial appointment/consultation will be allocated a full 1 hour to ensure a comprehensive evaluation and treatment program is administered. 

Fungal Nail (The Lacuna Method) Fenestration

A fungal nail infection is where fungal spores have entered the skins epidermis under the nail, this could happen after an injury, improper nail cutting techniques, or a build up of skins natural shedding flora. This enters under the nail plate and reproduces in a cavity between the plate and nail bed.

You may say ‘’But I have tried a lot of creams, oils, and potions and it has still not gone. Well the answer is – No, because all the above cannot reach the secure cavity between your nail bed and plate, leaving the bacteria nice and moist to continue reproducing.

Leaving you with discoloured thickened brittle nails often spreading to other toe nails and leading to athletes foot.

The Lacuna Method performed by Samantha involves fenestration of the nail plate.

An optional dermatophyte fungal nail test can be performed depending on the specimen that can be collected to determine positive growth of Onychomycosis.

Treatment Plans 4 appointments over 1 year

The initial appointment: the nails are fenestrated using specialist 4mm burrs (patients report a pin prick sensation). Images are taken and you are given an Onychomycosis Score Index result. Using a determined formula. Medicament is then applied. It is then highly recommended to have a routine foot health appointment 6 weeks later to ensure a sterile nail trim

The Lacuna is repeated at 3 month intervals to ensure the holes are still free of granulated tissue.

The number of holes drilled is determined by the area of fungal nail.
This procedure allows to medicament to enter the cavity and clear the infection from the nail bed..

Ingrown Toe Nails

A mild to moderate ingrown toe nail can be painful and affect a persons gait (the way in which we walk) It usually affects the big toe nails on the side. At Foot Care for You, I perform a partial nail avulsion, this involves taking a wedge section from the troubled nail edge, Instantly reducing pain! (long gone are the days of old practices requiring the removal of the nail)
Before the procedure several topics are discussed.
Footwear (adequate toe room in shoes)
Nail Cutting techniques.
All to prevent future occurrences.

Verruca Treatment

Verruca can be stubborn and can quickly spread and become troublesome causing pain and growing larger
Verrucas are caused by a virus (HPV) Human Papilloma Virus
The virus has entered the skins epidermis layer. The skin recognises this as a foreign body and therefore tries to protect it, by forming extra layers of skin over it.
It is commonly caught in gyms, swimming pools, anywhere the skin is macerated. For example for swimming, or severely sweaty feet at a gym or exercise class as the skin acts like a sponge and whilst absorbing the water will absorb viruses as well.

Treatment for Verrucas using ©Veratop

Foot Care for You, provides a treatment called ©Veratop to our practice. It is a painless solution to the stubborn virus, it is EU approved and suitable for use from 6 years of age.
The treatment is to pare the verruca down, so it is no longer protected by hard skin. The ampoule is then applied to the verruca. It works its magic by mummifying (drying up) the virus. 10 to 15 days after treatment the foot health practitioner will return and par the foot again.
Treatments vary from 1-3 to a maximum of 6.

Biomechanics / Orthotics

Our gait (the way we walk) can alter over the years due to the wear and tear on knees, hips and back. This can cause additional problems to your already stressed joints. Internet bought products can often cause additional problems. It is highly recommended that a full health assessment of your feet can identify specific devices that can help with improving skeletal composition therefore improving your gait and providing relief to any foot pain and the additional pressure on your knees, hips and back.

Orthotics are great aids but foot health exercises should not be ignored, these are more often proven to be beneficial for example in Plantar Fasciitis. I can offer a range of options to address your concerns.


“Had my first appointment with Sam today. Absolutely fantastic!
So impressed with the ‘transformation’ of my feet and can’t wait for the next appointment. My feet have never looked or felt as good as they do now. Such a lovely, friendly lady with a mass of advice and knowledge.
Very highly recommended!”
“had a home visit today… mainly to see why i keep getting chilblains! a very educating session by Samantha…. plus I had a super relaxing foot treatment. feel like I’ve got new life in my feet!!!!! many thanks and we will see you again soon”

“had samantha out today lovely lady and very professional I’ve suffered from pain in my toe nail for ages doctor said it in growing toenail I thought it was a fungal infection samantha knew it wasnt as soon as she saw it and knew it was trauma she tested anyway and it was definitely trauma I can actually say she has done an amazing job to where I cant even feel the pain now 100% recommend it’s like walking on air no dry skin no pain in my nail brilliant 100% satisfied thankyou samantha xx”


“Would definitely recommend Sam who I met for the first time today. Very professional and very friendly,sorted my feet out so feel like walking on air . Already booked my next appointment ,no pressure from Sam just want to keep on top of them now.Thanks again”


“Booked a foot treatment for my mum for Mother’s Day, and she came today and was amazing. My mum says her feet feel amazing and fresh, I would highly recommend”.

“I have suffered with what i thought was a verruca, turned out to be a corn, had such discomfort for about 12 months. It took sam minutes to realise what the problem was and treated it. It instantly felt better. can’t recommend this lady enough, nothing was too much trouble. Once again thank you
Had my feet done for the first time ever today. Wow! what a difference! My feet feel amazing and so soft.
Sam was very professional and wore all the appropriate PPE and I felt more than happy to let her into my home.
Such a nice person and would highly recommend. Thanks again Sam

“I have a rare skin desease called prp, witch causes real thick hard skin on my feet, I have had such pain for the last 4years, I’ve had Sam come to visit me & I cannot tell you the difference I can feel instantly!!!! I cannot recommend this lady enough, thankyou so much Sam, see you next time”


“Would highly recommend sam, i met this lady for the first time today and she made me feel really at ease, especially with 3 children..Sam made my feet come back to life and walking is a breeze..Ive booked in again as now i definetly wouldnt use anybody else..Thanks sam top service and i will definetly be spreading the word.”


“Had my feet done for the first time ever!! It’s taken a long time because I hate my feet…. but Sam made me feel at ease, she was so lovely.

My feet feel so soft and smooth…..
Would highly recommend Sam to anyone.
I’ve already got my next appointment booked in…. just got to remember that cream is my friend!”

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